Covid-19 Update

Events at Pukekohe Park Events Centre under the new ‘traffic light system'


Pukekohe Park Events Centre takes the health and safety of its staff and you, our valued clients and your delegates, seriously. 

As such, we are taking a precautionary approach and closely following the Ministry of Health’s advice so that we can ensure you ae able to enjoy our facilities safely when the time comes. 
Today we would like to share with you the requirements of events that are held here at Pukekohe Park Events Centre when Auckland moves to the Government’s new "traffic light” system.  

traffic light.JPG

* COVID-19 vaccine certificates are required 
  • Our venue has adopted the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate (CVC) process which means a CVC is required for entry  
  • Attendees will be required to present their CVC record upon entry to the venue  
  • Any attendee who is unable to show a CVC will not be permitted into the venue  

** Record keeping / scanning required 
  • Record keeping / scanning is required for all events 
  • Venue QR codes will be made available at all major entrances and throughout the venue  
  • Clients are asked to keep a record of all attendees so that details on which persons attended the venue on a given time / day is captured.  Such records should include any staff, invitees, contractors etc  
  • Such records may be requested by us for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes and will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

Keeping you safe 
  • Any roles that require a CVC will only be carried out by staff members who have a CVC  
  • Where traffic lights dictate, staff will wear face masks throughout the duration of your event  
  • Staff who are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness will be required to stay away from our venue or leave immediately in the event symptoms or illness starts to appear during a shift. 

We kindly ask that clients communicate these requirements prior to arrival to all event attendees (including but not limited to, staff, invitees and contractors). 


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