Rebel Round Up ready to roll into Pukekohe Park

This weekend! 17th & 18th Feb

Going back in time seems like something out of a fiction book for most, but for hot rod and American classic car enthusiasts, going back in time could be something of a reality. 

This year's Rebel Round Up, which has previously been running in Rotorua over the past two years, will change when it makes its Pukekohe debut this weekend.

The event will transform Pukekohe Park into somewhat of a 1960s classic American film scene, with live rockabilly entertainment, themed bar - put on by Panhead Custom Ales, a cocktail lounge and vintage and classic American cars that will flood the venue. 

"It will be like walking in and stepping back in time," said  Richard Graham, who is organising the event with Brett Forlong.

"People are going to walk in the gate and they're going to be blown away."

Along with live entertainment, and copious amounts of cars on display, there will be historic motor racing, vintage aircraft landings, a swap-meet, vintage military equipment, retro caravans, beauty pageants, on-site camping and much more. 

There will also be traditional style gassers - a form of hot rod that originated on the drag strip, vintage stock cars and traditional hot rods that will be taking part in flag drop drag racing exhibitions on track. 

Although the event had been successful over the past two years, it had reached its maximum potential at its previous Rotorua venue. 

"The reason we bought the event to Pukekohe is so that we can actually grow the event in quite a dynamic fashion because we can now provide a whole scope of things that we couldn't do down there (Rotorua) such as the vintage aircraft landings and the on-site camping," said Richard. 

"We got together and thought, 'how can we do a car show or hot road show that is totally different to anything else that has happened?'."

At $20 for an admission fee and under 15s free, Richard said that Rebel Round Up is an affordable event that the whole family can enjoy.

He also said that there was a surprise for those who pre-booked their camping pass and are planing on staying Friday night. 

For more information and tickets, click here.

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