Jumpout Results - Thursday 23rd March 2017

*Please note, the heats are manually timed and therefore not 100% accurate. 

VENUE:  Pukekohe Park
TRACK: Dead 4
WEATHER: Overcast
DATE:  23/03/2017
Heat 1: 2YO 600m         
Name/Breeding Rider Trainer Place  Time
Dalghar/Blossoming N.Jamieson M.Rogers 3rd 34.46
Roc De Cambes/Harera M.Vance R.Liefting  
Alternative Fact A.Collett R.Collett 1st
Commands/High Joy  H.Moki M.Murdoch  
Swiss Ace/Nana Jean D.Nolan R.Collett  
Guillotine/Aeropraise J.Grundy R.Collett  
Sufficient/Sabio Lass  T.Askew C.Cleghorn 2nd
Heat 2: OPEN 800m        
Name/Breeding Rider Trainer Place  Time
Carnavalito D.Medcalfe P.Riley 3rd 45.2 (last 600m in 33.0)
Call Me Bob A.Collett N.Tiley  
Nina Arora D.Nolan N.Tiley  
Stryda M.Vance Lucock/Gillespie  
Sonorous M.Du Plessis Lucock/Gillespie  
Fully Funded S.Spratt J.Surgenor 1st
Bold Bachelor T.Abel M.Rogers 2nd
Heat 3: 2YO 800m        
Name/Breeding Rider Trainer Place  Time
Revered D.Nolan N.Tiley 2nd 46.2 (last 600m in 33.7)
Nadeem/Gold Gizele  M. Du Plessis N.Tiley 3rd
Thewayyouare/Lago Rider H.Moki S.Clotworthy  
Peaceful Falls A.Collett S.Cole 1st
Ocean Park/Just So T.Askew J.Mahoney  
Heat 4: 2YO 800m        
Name/Breeding Rider Trainer Place  Time
I Am Invincible/Calemore M.Du Plessis  N.Tiley   46.3 (last 600m in 33.8)
Pentire/Devant D.Nolan N.Tiley  
Starcraft/Run To The Moon A.Collett Danny Walker 3rd
Postponed/Countess Zoya H.Moki S.Clotworthy  
Fools 'N' Horses S.Spratt S.Cole 1st
Showcasing/Valderama T.Askew N.Tiley 2nd
Heat 5: 2YO 800m        
Name/Breeding Rider Trainer Place  Time
Per Incanto/Playing For Keeps D.Prastiyou S.Cole   45.8 (last 600m in 33.1)
Alamosa/Priorite A.Collett D.Walker 2nd
Bel Esprit/Venezuela S.Spratt J.Mahoney 1st
Power/Commanda Dream T.Askew J.Mahoney  
Take Me There M.Du Plessis S.Clotworthy  
Iffraaj/Tickusa D.Nolan N.Tiley 3rd
Heat 6: Maiden 800m        
Name/Breeding Rider Trainer Place  Time
Mycrella M.Du Plessis A.Johnson   45.7 (last 600m in 33.1)
Sun Ruler/ Frostfree D.Medcalfe P.Riley  
Road To Rock/Lingian Lass D.Nolan N.Tiley 3rd
Switch In Time T.Askew N.Tiley  
August Edition H.Moki S.Clotworthy 1st
Fullinbloom A.Collett J.Surgenor 2nd
Plume Volantes M.Vance R.Liefting  
Mato Grosso (open) A.Tweedie L.Saunders  
Heat 7: Maiden 800m        
Name/Breeding Rider Trainer Place  Time
Tarantino M.Du Plessis N. Tiley 1st 45.4 (last 600m in 33.4)
Kirkintilloch D.Nolan N. Tiley 3rd
Paddington T.Abel M.Rogers  
Captain Rio/Karaka Mist A.Collett S.Clotworthy 2nd
All Trumped Up M.Vance B.Vance  
Shocking/That Theres It M.Edwards J.Mahoney  

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