Controlled Testing Shifting Up A Gear


You’re probably thinking, what is controlled testing? Pukekohe Park has been home to controlled testing days for several years now, and they are continuing to grow in popularity.

It is basically the opportunity for the Average Joe to bring his modified Subaru, latest model Porsche or even your 1989 Corolla to the track and test it to its limits in a safe and controlled environment.

It is the opportunity to drive on one of New Zealand’s best motor racing circuits at only a small cost and in the comforts of your own vehicle.

Basically, you turn up, pay up and hit the track. A popular format as it is an easy way for car and motorsport enthusiasts or novices to have a go. It is also the perfect opportunity for those already in Motorsport to test their race car or fine tune their driving technique before an event.

There have also been several new improvements around safety and driver experience. This has seen a growth of first timers or novices at these days along with the return of quality motorbike riders.

Not only is controlled testing shifting up a gear, the Circuit Management Team has been tinkering under the bonnet and are almost ready to release the new and improved test day brand and offerings.

It is in the form of an exclusive new motorsport Club, the Pukekohe Park Controlled Testing Club. Limited to 200 members the Club will have exclusive access to 18-26 controlled testing days across the year and priority access to another 12 days which will be open to the public. Over the next month the Team will announce all the benefits for members, with the Club planning to go live in September. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, email or call the Circuit team on 021 704 347. 

Controlled Testing itself begins from 9am with the safety briefing commencing at 9:45am before motorists get out on the track for their sessions. 

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