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Race Car Practice Starts

15/11/2020 10:00am to 15/11/20200 04:00pm


Race Car Practice Starts

An old event we are bringing back from many years ago.
This is not a race day.
• 3 grids only, divided into speed groups
• We will give you 6 sessions throughout the day
• At the start of your session you will leave pit lane as a group and stop in a suitable grid of your choosing. Fastest to the front, not so fast to the rear of the grid
• The circuit lights will do the normal race countdown and that will be the start of your 15-minute session as per normal Playday
• As this is not a race the speed you circulate at is of your choosing
• The session will finish when the green lights on the starters rostrum are flashing
• Once you have passed the flashing green lights on the starters rostrum the remainder of this lap will be your cool down and you will enter pit lane at pit entry
• For those not wanting to drop the clutch at the start, you may form up at the back of the grid or start from pit lane
• For race classes that do a rolling start, we will also practice these starts in a separate grid if entrant numbers are adequate for these classes
• MSNZ logbook required
• Full MSNZ roll cage required
• Tin top cars only, no open wheelers. We may try for a grid for open wheelers at a later date
• No passengers on this day
• Full race apparel and frontal neck restraints must be worn
This is not a race day but a chance for you to get on track and practice starting on a race circuit and also have a good day of testing.

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Race Car Practice Starts


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